Mission Statement

The Association for Great Lakes Maritime History is a professional association of institutions and individuals from throughout Canada and the U.S. involved in preserving and interpreting the unique
maritime history of the Great Lakes region.

The Association sponsors an annual maritime history conference, encourages new research by both professional and avocational
historians, financially supports the publishing of new research, and promotes the regular exchange of news and information among its members.

Founded in 1984, the Association is a 501(c)(3) non-profit
incorporated under the laws of the State of Wisconsin.

The Association works to . . .

  • Provide a network for the exchange of news,information and ideas on maritime history collections, exhibitions, research, and publishing.
  • Encourage cooperation between institutions involved in preserving and interpreting maritime history by providing opportunities for professional networking.
  • Encourage dialogue between professional and avocational historians by hosting an annual forum for the discussion of research methods and results.
  • Promote the use of professional standards in the collection of
    historic artifacts and documents.
  • Advocate at the local, state, provincial and national levels for maritime history preservation.
  • Network with divers to promote non-destructive, underwater
    explorations of shipwrecks.

Projects and activities include . . .

  • Financial support for publishing the results of research into the maritime history of the Great Lakes region.
  • Financial and technical support for archaeological surveys of shipwreck sites in the Great Lakes region.
  • Annual awards to recognize outstanding efforts in historical
    research, preservation and interpretation.
  • Digitization of historically significant documents, such as 19th century Mackinac Custom House records.
  • Development of guidelines for the protection and public use of underwater cultural resources.
  • Financial support for, and editorial review of, new publications on Great Lakes maritime history.
  • Development of a web portal with links to leading maritime
    research collections and databases.