Association Membership

Membership in the Association for Great Lakes Maritime History is open to institutions and individuals who are involved or interested in the preservation and interpretation of the maritime history of the Great Lakes region.

In addition to financially supporting new research and publications in Great Lakes maritime history, the Association also holds an annual maritime history conference. The conference features speakers on a wide variety of topics related to the unique marine heritage of the “Inland Seas” and an awards program for maritime history research, interpretation and preservation. There are also roundtable discussions on both maritime history research and maritime museum management.

Note: A contact name is required (because we need someone to follow up with).

Alternatively print out the completed membership form and mail it with a check (or cheque) to:

Association for Great Lakes Maritime History
P.O. Box 260018
Madison, Wisconsin 53726-0018

If you have questions about membership or registering please email us at